Organize and put your images to use in PowerPoint and Word with


With our imagebank service, your employees will get instant access to your organization’s pictures, right within Microsoft Office! This way you make sure your organization’s pictures are put to use in presentations and documents, and your corporate identity is maintained.

Imagebank is not just another free stock photos add-in. It is for companies who want to make their images accessible to their employees, no matter where you acquired the images.

Log into your account right within Office

Log in to your account
With our genius Office add-in, your employees can easily log in to view all of your organization’s images, right within the Office applications Word and PowerPoint.

Get access to all your images right within Office (PowerPoint and Word)

View all images in your account
You only need to log in one time. After being logged in you will have easy access to all the defined images. Images can be placed in categories for an organized view.

Simple and effective admin view

Admin view of the image bank service for PowerPoint and Word
A superuser needs to organize which images that should be available, which structure to place the images in and so on. We have made a simple and effective admin view that makes it easy for the superusers to organize the underlying image bank that is reflected in PowerPoint and Word.



If our out of the box solution doesn’t meet all of your organization’s needs, we are more than willing to help out and come up with a custom solution that makes it right, just for you.

We have 15+ years experience in customizing add-ins and apps for Microsoft Office, so we are sure we will come up with a robust solution that fits all your image bank needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.