How to choose a good color scheme for your PowerPoint template

color scheme example

Colors are important!

Colors = important!

Colors are important, and having a good combination of colors is even more important. If you work at an established company or organization you should have a design manual with a set of defined profile colors. These colors are hopefully hand picked by a good designer who have put good thought in how to harmonize and connect the colors up to your business.

If you are working at a startup or a business without any defined profile colors, don’t worry, there are tools to help you find the correct colors that works good together, and fits your profile.

Tools to help you on your mission to define the perfect color scheme

Colordot by Hailpixel

Colordot by hailpixel

Colordot: Easy and fun tool that generates good color combinations.

Colordot is a great tool that also is really fun to use. Just move your mouse around to get the color that you want. Scroll with your mouse to change the saturation of the color.

Colordot also comes as an iOS app that lets you extract colors from live objects using your phone camera.

Try Colordot!

Colorhunt - predefined color palettes

Predefined color palettes from

Colorhunt provides you with a large collection of predefined color palettes. Users vote for the palettes which they like, and you can sort by the top palettes or the hot and upcoming palettes.



Color drop gives you access to predefined color palettes.

Colordrop is another service similar to Colordrop also gives you access to a large collection of predefined color palettes.



Colorschemr is also a tool worth looking into if you want to make good color schemes.
Hit spacebar to generate a new color scheme. Press the num-keys to change color on each strip.

Try Colorschemr!


We hope these tools will help you on your mission to create the ultimate color scheme. And we would love to have a look at the color schemes that you have made with these tools. Please share them with us on twitter.

If you’re not sure on how to implement and make use of your newly genereated color schemes in PowerPoint and Office, then stay tuned for a new blog post that covers exactly this.

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