We bring maps to PowerPoint with Officemaps

Officemaps for Office
It have never been easier to insert maps into PowerPoint and Word! With our newest add-in Officemaps you are able to insert maps into your PowerPoint presentations and Word documents.

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Finally there’s support for SVG in PowerPoint and Office


For a long time there have been limited support for vector file formats in PowerPoint and Office, but with the latest release we finally find support for the most used one of them all; SVG.

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How to choose a good color scheme for your PowerPoint template

color scheme example

Colors are important!

Colors = important!

Colors are important, and having a good combination of colors is even more important. If you work at an established company or organization you should have a design manual with a set of defined profile colors. These colors are hopefully hand picked by a good designer who have put good thought in how to harmonize and connect the colors up to your business.

If you are working at a startup or a business without any defined profile colors, don’t worry, there are tools to help you find the correct colors that works good together, and fits your profile.

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Download our free PowerPoint template to use with your images

Do you need a clean and professional PowerPoint template?

Try our free Imagebank.io PowerPoint template.
Just change the logo and the color scheme to make it your own.
The template have got all the standard layouts you need, plus some fine layouts to show collection of images.

summary of template slides

Selection of slides in the template.

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